Mandarin Corner

Every first Saturday of the month - next session Saturday 8 August 1.30 - 3.30pm 
Mandarin Corner is an informal monthly workshop, held at CFCCA, for those with an interest in learning more about Mandarin language and broader Chinese culture. The sessions are hosted by CFCCA volunteers and cover spoken and written Mandarin, across a wide variety of topics - often themed to CFCCA's current exhibition or other current affairs.

Sessions are free, informal and open to all, from complete beginners and upwards! It's a great way to test and develop your spoken and written Mandarin as well as gain a greater understanding of traditional and contemporary Chinese Culture.

Booking is not currently required however please do ensure that you arrive on time for the start of sessions.

For more information and enquiries please email: 

Micro Micro Revolution

Micro Micro Revolution | 微型小革命

3 July - 6 September, 2015

Associate Curator: Lu Pei-yi

Micro Micro Revolution aims to explore the power of art as a vehicle to address social change in Taiwan through three socially-engaged art projects: A Cultural Action at the Plum Tree Creek, Plant-Matter Needed and 500 Lemon Trees. These ongoing process-based, participative projects use art as a vehicle for addressing environmental issues, as a form of resistance, and as a platform for exchange.

This exhibition will introduce visitors to environmental concerns in Taiwan such as land-use, pollution, and sustainability. The Micro Micro Revolution event programme will provide a platform for discussion around the key aspects of the exhibition.

Micro Micro Revolution is supported by Spotlight Taiwan and the University of Salford

Ting-Tong Chang

Clockwork Dreams | 原形機器人 

Residency Studio
Artist: Ting-Tong Chang
Date: 17 July - 16 August, 2015

Former “Breathe” artist-in-residence Ting-Tong Chang returns to CFCCA to showcase a recent body of work investigating automata (self-moving machines) as a means to explore utopian visions. Ting Tong constructs talking automata presenting absurd dialogues exploring socio-politically loaded issues, whilst a series of drawings chart a journey through a mythical landscape.

The exhibition opens with the newly commissioned donation box So Far So Good to replace the much loved Pay-as-you-go (2012) situated by CFCCA's front desk. Every time a visitor donates a coin, Dr Fish comes to life, mimicking the automated information services of corporations with which we are all familiar. A TV nearby plays video documentation of the 2015 performance Whence Do You Know the Happiness of Fish?, during which Ting-tong constructed an indoor fish farming environment controlled digitally by the stock market fluctuations of industrial fishery corporations.

Ting-Tong was born in Taiwan and received his MFA at Goldsmiths, University of London where he currently lives and works.

Clockwork Dreams has been supported by National Culture and Arts Foundation and Taipei Department of Cultural Affairs

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Ting Tong Chang - Clockwork Dreams (2015)