30 Years of CFCCA

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art celebrates its 30th anniversary 

February-July 2016
Featuring artists Xu Bing, Cao Fei, Lee Mingwei, Tsang Kin-Wah, susan pui san lok, Gordon Cheung, RareKind China and Yu-Chen Wang

In 2016, CFCCA will celebrate its 30 year anniversary in Manchester with a high profile exhibition programme spanning 6 months featuring some of the very best Chinese contemporary artists of today.

The anniversary programme will see CFCCA collaborate with 30 prestigious artists, curators and academics who have each previously contributed to the organisation at various stages of its 30 year history. This ambitious programme launched on 4 February 2016 to coincide with Chinese New Year; Year of the Monkey.

Throughout our history we have sustained a commitment to representing Chinese arts and culture in the UK. Today we are the UK’s leading organisation for the promotion of Chinese contemporary art, producing an internationally renowned artistic programme and developing a reputation as a centre for research.

30 Years of CFCCA | A Window On…

Final Wednesday of each month, February-June
Part of 30 years of CFCCA

Jasmine Suite, 6-8pm, free attendance

CFCCA presents A Window On... a series of talks that will provide an insight into contemporary Chinese culture and visual art followed by Chinese tea tastings provided by our partners, Proper Tea.

Informative and accessible, these talks are tailored to give newcomers to Chinese contemporary art a valuable insight into the historical and contemporary significance of Chinese artists and their work and will take place on the last Wednesday of each month.

In 2016, CFCCA celebrates its 30 year anniversary with a high profile exhibition programme spanning 6 months featuring some of the very best Chinese contemporary artists of today.
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CFCCA - Both Sides Now Launch 2015 - Arthur Siuksta (1) CFCCA - Independent Art Spaces forum 2015 - Arthur Siuksta

30 Years of CFCCA | Gordon Cheung

8 April - 19 June
Part of 30 years of CFCCA

Gallery 2

Gordon Cheung's relationship with CFCCA began in 2004 when he took part in our unique 'Breathe' artist-in-residence programme. In 2008 he returned to Gallery 1 with his solo exhibition Death by a Thousand Cuts.

 Tempering red hearts - Gordon Cheung 2016
hairman Mao goes to Anyuan - Gordon Cheung 2016
Lee Mingwei. Between Going and Staying, 2007 (1)

30 Years of CFCCA | Lee Mingwei

Between Going and Staying

6 - 29 May, Preview – Thursday 5 May, 6-8pm - Click here to RSVP
Part of 30 years of CFCCA

Gallery 1

Between Going and Staying is an arresting installation inspired by Octavio Paz's poem of the same name. Fine black sand falls continuously through a broken light bulb suspended from the ceiling, quietly filling the entire room to a melodic soundtrack played on an Asian cello-like instrument called a MaToChin.

30 Years of CFCCA | Stanley Chow


5 February - 31 December 2016
Part of 30 years of CFCCA


CFCCA is proud to launch our new limited edition print shop with a series of exclusive works by celebrated Manchester artist Stanley Chow.

We originally worked with Stanley Chow in 2014 when we hosted The Takeawaya retrospective of his work influenced by memories of his childhood. The exhibition and accompanying sale of his artworks was extremely well attended and a highlight of CFCCA's programme.

My 1st home - Stanley Chow 2016

Mandarin Corner

Every first Saturday of the month - next session Saturday 4 June 2016, 1.30 - 3.30pm 

Mandarin Corner is an informal monthly workshop, held at CFCCA, for those with an interest in learning more about Mandarin language and broader Chinese culture. The sessions are hosted by CFCCA volunteers and cover spoken and written Mandarin, across a wide variety of topics - often themed to CFCCA's current exhibition or other current affairs.

Sessions are free, informal and open to all, from complete beginners and upwards! It's a great way to test and develop your spoken and written Mandarin as well as gain a greater understanding of traditional and contemporary Chinese Culture.

Booking is not currently required however please do ensure that you arrive on time for the start of sessions.

For more information and enquiries please email: abigail@cfcca.org.uk