Antony Lam, Diau Li, Liu Xiaoxian, William Yang: Home


16 January – 22 February 2004


Antony Lam

Diau Li

Liu Xiaoxian

William Yang

Five lens-based artists of Chinese descent from Canada, Australia and England were asked to respond to the title Home. Each artist created a personal piece, which examines their relationship to their families, host country, motherland or their actual dwelling place. The question ‘What is home?’ was posed to the audience by the broad spectrum of perspectives offered by the works.

HeasSpace, by Anthony Lam, was an investigation of the notion of home within the context of his Eurasian ‘in-betweenness’. It set out to explore his desire to communicate and connect with the people and culture of Hong Kong, to which he feels a contradictory sense of belonging accompanied by a fundamental uncertainty and distance.

Room Tone, by Ellinda Siu, derived from the term ‘room tone’, used in film productions to describe the ‘sound of a room’. In her piece, familiar domestic scenes and sounds acquire a new status of uncertainty and tension in a space of foreboding darkness.

Having rejected his ancestral roots during his early years, attempting to assimilate and be more ‘Australian’, as opposed to being classed as an ‘outsider’ Willian Yang’s My Family in North Queensland charts his journey of self-atonement. It reconnected with his family’s history through an intricate visual cataloguing of family photographs.

In Transformer (after Lou Reed) Dinu Li plays three protagonists, who performing ordinary tasks, they reveal their inner sides. The video highlighted society’s growing curiosity in other people’s private lives, and reflects a time when voyeurism is becoming a form of entertainment, particularly within mass media.

Liu Xiao Xian’s Home-London investigated notions of migration and the quest for fulfillment from the perspective of immigrant families. It suggested the need to adapt to a new home whilst retaining a degree of affiliation to our cultural heritage.

Anthony Lam - headspace2 Anthony Lam - headspace3 Anthony Lam - headspace5 liu xiao xian - home london,sydney, corner gallery - lighter pic liu xiao xian - home london,sydney, corner gallery liu xiao xian - home sydney wiiliam yang- long shot william yang - my family... corner gallery