Kai-oi Jay Yung: First Step

Kai-oi Jay Yung: First Step

9 August – 14 November 2006

‘The installation of The Lost Generation is very much concept driven. This, my proud first solo exhibition external to university, will strive to probe into our socio-politico-cultural hierarchies, contextualising our identities as individual, community and nation in the bid to instigate new possibilities of looking and becoming.

Incorporating images from Chinese newspapers, lottery tickets, quotes from Buddha to Beckham, exchanges overheard on bus journeys and food wrappers, these assemblages follow a Surreal automatism that connect all aspects of the universe on one plane. Usually the activity builds up on the inside surface of envelopes or wall length paper rolled to the ground; their pattern, function, worn condition and accessibility is part of my fascination to accumulate, collect and recycle envelopes for this purpose.

Embedded amongst the visceral paint, remnants of worn scrap materials and comic biro crossing lines, my doodles and “bloblettes” commonly feature text in the form of  snatches of phrases and sayings; be it quotes from celebrities to recorded fragments of conversations caught on bus journeys.  Moreover, the text often points to ridiculous attempts to fulfil our infinite search for spirituality.’

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