Out of Nowhere

 Out of Nowhere


Neil Conroy

Lesley Sanderson

13th October – 22 December 2006

Neil Conroy and Lesley Sanderson have been collaborating since 1998. Based in Sheffield, and born in England and Malaysia respectively, they use drawing, photography and mixed media to examine subjectivity and to question fixed cultural identity, suggesting a hybrid perspective. Exploring conventions of portraiture and the impermanence of place, they employ absence and presence to indicate states of unease.

Out of nowhere is an exhibition of new work, which continues Conroy/Sanderson’s exploration of displacement and ‘the foreign’, through imaginative and evocative use of portraiture. Out of nowhere questions where the subjects are located, suggesting a fracture with location and a sense of being ‘out of place’. They will make portraits that play with absence and presence, or a ghosting, which calls into question where the subjects are. This not only indicates an experience of Chinese Diaspora, but also ideas of displacement as a commonplace experience in our mobile, migrant contemporary world. The work also investigates and demonstrates how two very different artists, from different cultural backgrounds can collaborate on work that explores identity. This work will continue their engagement with photography, drawing, video and mixed media.

Conroy/Sanderson make compelling and evocative work that is able to cross cultural boundaries. Their project aims to explore and better understand Otherness in all its guises, and how perceptions of the Other changes as one shifts countries and continents.