Susan Pui San Lok – Golden (Years)

Susan Pui San Lok – Golden (Years) 

12 May – 2 July 2006

Susan Pui San Lok is a London-based artist and writer, working with installation, video, sound and text.  Recent and forthcoming exhibitions include Hong Kong Arts Centre, Shanghai Duolun MoMA, 798 Space, Beijing, Londonn’s Beaconsfield SPACE Traingle, Café Gallery Projects and the Hayward Gallery.

Susan Pui San Lok is an artist and writer whose practice includes installation, sound, video and text-based works.  For Golden (Years), her first major solo UK exhibition, she has been commissioned to develop new work as part of an ongoing series exploring notions of place, nostalgia, and aspiration in migration and diaspora.

Triangulating San Francisco with Hong Kong and Britain these related works aim to evoke the ongoing negotiation of ‘place’ and displacement from multiple historical, cultural and generational perspectives. Golden (Years) will shift the focus in part to an idiosyncratic portrait of two immigrants who arrived with the first major influx of Hong Kong Chinese to Britain in the 1950s and 1960s, now coincidentally approaching their golden wedding anniversary.

More broadly, Golden (Years) is concerned with such leisure practices as ballroom dancing or allotment tending.  Approaching these as metaphors of ‘cultivation’, or tactics of acculturation and identification, nostalgia and aspiration (or not).  Golden (Years) aims to examine the ‘tending’ of memory and territory, both subjective and cultural.



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