Weng Fung Man: First Step

Weng Fung Man: First Step

15 November 2006 – 5 February 2007

Weng Man was born in England from a typical Chinese family; his artistic research explores the integration of the two cultures is a dynamic process, questioning his own identity, his roots and his future. “This thirst for inquiry has unwittingly taken me as far a-field as Graphic design, Interior design, metalwork and Furniture design. But ultimately I am most at home with my first passion art.”

“As well as being an artist I am also a committed Buddhist. I observe the Buddhist doctrines and work to interpret my life experiences and understanding through my art. With my work, I have explored ideas of perception and relationships. Looking particularly at furniture as a metaphor to convey the body, with specific reference to permanence and impermanence, whilst focusing on tension and balance. I see this balance or harmony as something to do with the self. I am first and foremost a maker, my working methods are driven by the ideas and by the relationship with what the materials can and cannot do, and this informs the work too. Often this entails pushing these materials in one extremity to other, in order to find the middle way. But most often it is the allowing the material to do the ‘communicating’ that works best for me.”

Weng Man


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