Anthony Key, Lisa Cheung, Nina Chua & Pamela So: Boutique


5 October – 21 December 2007


Anthony Key

Lisa Cheung

Nina Chua

Pamela So

Do we take art too seriously? As artists, we can be over critical before we start the process of creation. Boutique is an entirely visceral exhibition, with the ‘act’ of making as its underlying theme.

Each artist was invited to respond to the aesthetic qualities of their chosen material, familiar objects frequently used in previous pieces of work. They were asked to re-discover the personality of the material, whilst at the same time adding a new function to the art work.

Boutique reminded both the artist and the viewer of how crucial the process of making the artwork is in order to fulfill our visual enjoyment. All works share a delicate balance adding a physical as well as functional quality, tempting us to reach out and touch.

Lisa Cheung created an interesting theory in merging design. She made a chandelier out of cardboard and invited ceramic artist, Sonia Gonzales Cambron, to collaborate. Blending found objects and fabrications, she made an art sculpture with a practical daily function, and exclusive design product.


XG6N3307 XG6N3347

Nina Chua made marks by printing and stitching. Each of the marks showed a unique quality. Overlapping regular printed patterns and random stitching marks, Chus gave this conventional painting material and unusual liveliness.

XG6N3365 XG6N3389 XG6N3392 Pamela So conjured up a retro style boudoir in which elements of a dressing table mat appear in several guises – as a stencil drawing, print, wallpaper and jewellery. The whole installation was a blended collection of personal and cultural references.
XG6N3433 XG6N3438 XG6N3444

Using Chinese cuisine to question the notion of identity, Anthony Key focused on a carton, a ready-made object often used by Chinese takeaways. Removing the cultural meaning, solely concentrating on the nature and structure of this shiny object, Key turned it into two brand new home accessories.XG6N3456

XG6N3458 XG6N3478 XG6N3505