He Chengyao, Annie Hsiao-Ching Wang & Amy Cham: Chain


13 April –¬†17 June 2007


He Chengyao

Annie Hsiao-Ching Wang

Amy Cham

Chain implies a notion of confinement and restraint, something that we are being attached to vulnerably. However it can also be understood simply as a connection of a series of things, which are linked together by something in common. Chain exhibits works by three lens-based artists. Using their personal story with their mothers, and the experience of being a mother themselves, they aim to illustrate an aspect of the reality of family intimacy.

Passing on the cooking knowledge to the next generation is an iconic symbol of the prolongation of a family history.

Amy Cham tries to explore if it is a celebration or a question about the notion of nurturing and motherhood.

He Chengyao responds to some past memories with her body. She is hoping to find out the answer to something she was too young to understand, but still remembers vividly. Whether a painful or emotional memory, she tries to heal herself by the process of re-acting.

Annie Haiso-Ching Wang is carrying out a life long project with her son since his birth, as a testimony of the extension of life as well as the family chain.