CHINA INCIDENTAL: (un)familiar Territories – Yan Jun, Zhang Liming

(Un)familiar Territories is a series of headphone walks which transport the listener to the streets of Shanghai or Harbin while taking in the sights of Manchester city centre. Leading Chinese sound artists Yan Jun and Hitlike (real name Zhang Liming) have created carefully edited sound works linked to locations on a half hour walk around Manchester city centre. Using noises captured from the bustling markets, streets, restaurants and industrial sites of their respective cities, the works offer an experience of everyday life in China as the listener encounters familiar territories in unfamiliar ways.



Yan Jun and Hitlike were each sent sound recordings, images and descriptions of locations on a route around Manchester which takes in Exchange Square, Market Street and the Northern Quarter.  The artists then gathered music, conversation and everyday sounds from corresponding locations in Shanghai and Harbin to create an eleven track headphone walk around Manchester city centre. Contrasted with the surroundings in Manchester, the dislocated sounds offer a unique insight into life in China today.

(Un)familiar Territories is part of CHINA INCIDENTAL, a series of sound art projects curated by sound artist and musician Matthias Kispert working collaboratively with Chinese sound artists to present experiences of China through sound. For more information email Marian Downes on .