Kong Kee: Breathe Residency

Kong Kee: Breathe Residency

1 May – 29 June 2008

Open Studio 26 – 29 June 2008

Hong Kong based comic and animation artist Kongkee is interested in the relationship between people and place. His animations, comic publications and online comic blog are often humourous and fun whilst also displaying a mature sensitivity to the subjects he deals with. For his Breathe residency at Chinese Arts Centre Kongkee is investigating the movement of people and plants, specifically from China to the UK, to create drawings and animations based on the real life stories of members of Manchester’s older Chinese community.

Kongkee will host workshops and discussions with older Cantonese speaking people in Manchester to research personal journeys of migration and dislocation. Their movements across the vast geographical and cultural distance between their previous home and their new abode will be represented in a new animation work for Tatton Park Biennial 2008. The work will reflect the varied journeys of the expatriates merged with an exploration of the migration of plants and the plethora of flowers and shrubs regularly used in English gardens which hail from China. Using his unique comic drawing style, Kongkee will blend the stories of the older Chinese people he works with into a story of plant migration by looking into the way plants travel and take on a different significance in their new locale.

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