Tsang Kin Wah: What are you looking at?

Tsang Kin Wah: What are you looking at? 

27 June – 28 September 2008

Chinese Arts Centre pleases to present What are you looking at? Tsang Kin Wah first solo exhibition in the UK. Tsang Kin-Wah is quickly emerging as one of the great young talents from Asia. Tsang is working with text, which he can take the advantage of telling the story directly by sentence and sentence. Aggressive wordings and even foul language are used in his works. The expressive content makes a strong contrast with the rational graphical presentation.

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Tsang always wallpapers the whole exhibition area with text. Once you entry the centre, you will be forced to face the hidden side of the real world brought up by the artist. He is interested in various sensitive social issues. This time he is going to show us the brutal racism issue in the UK. The exhibition demands a close inspection to the text as well as our surrounding.