Jessica Tsang: Breathe Residency

Jessica Tsang: Breathe Residency

21 May – 21 August 2009

Moving between materials, Jessica Tsang has made works that combine sculptural forms and the painted surface. Jessica’s work focuses on the dynamic between the painted image, and the qualities of the physical structure this representational surface occupies. This dialogue formulates itself as objects consisting of a painted 3D surface, and an accompanying wooden structure where the work explores the boundaries between 2D and 3D work. Jessica is attempting to take into consideration the overall aesthetic qualities of the work by introducing new materials that push the overall aesthetic in new directions. Through her residency at the European Centre of Ceramics she has been able to experiment with new materials and her experiences with ceramics will impact upon her residency at Chinese Arts Centre.

2009 Coconut scatter - 2

The Breathe residency will be an opportunity for her to shift her practice and incorporate a more research-based approach, allowing her to create works that arise out of a body of research as opposed to arising out of material exploration. Jessica plans to develop new ways of working and to test these out through the making of new work. With an interest in exploring social themes during her residency, she is keen to create a balance between conceptual concerns and the materials she uses in her work.

2009 Crushed - 1

Jessica was recently Young Artist in residence at the European Centre of Ceramics in the Netherlands before she commenced her Breathe residency. Previously she has exhibited in Chinese Arts Centre’s ‘First Step’ space in 2007. She was shortlisted for Bloomberg New Contemporaries in 2006 and was a selected that year for the Celeste Art Prize. She was the Florence Trust Artist in Residence from 2006-7.

2009 Install shot - 9

2009 palm tree detail