Foreign Investment: Everything Must Go

Foreign Investment: Everything Must Go

5 August – 17 September 2011

Everything Must Go is a playful new work by the artist group Foreign Investment. This commissioned project for Chinese Arts Centre takes a highly engaged approach to connect the Centre and the public. Everything Must Go offers a unique experience for visitors to actively involve themselves as suppliers, producers and investors throughout the different stages of the exhibition.


In the first instance, members of the public are invited to participate by donating unwanted consumer objects for an ‘upgrade’. Then a group of volunteers, recruited locally, will work with the artists to gold-gild the objects. The finally   upgraded product will be available for public to purchase in the art sale at the end of the exhibition with for a very affordable price. The final upgraded products will be available to the public for purchase in a very affordable price in the art sale at the end of the exhibition period.  It will just cover the material and the labour. Volunteers working in this project will be paid in the rate of the UK minimum wage.


Everything Must Go [for] at Chinese Arts Centre aims to create social encounters through the magical medium of gold and to give discarded and obsolete objects another lease of life through fabricating desirable ‘objets d’arts’ – thus bringing awareness of notions of value, not only to the object itself, but to the notion of labour and ‘surplus value’ (Marx). With this project Foreign Investment wish to offer tangible understandings and appreciations of both the origins of a product and the multitude of products we consume in our daily lives.