Conroy/Sanerson, Gordon Cheung, He Chengyao, Rachel Goodyear, Wang Jun: Negotiable Values

Negotiable Values

22 January – 3 April 2010



Gordon Cheung

He Chengyao

Rachel Goodyear

Wang Jun

Negotiable Values invites artists from the UK and China to create works in response to idea of ethics and moral choices.  Developed out of a dialogue with Yan Yan, Director of 501 Arts Space, Chongqing, the exhibition brings together artists’ works which explore the notion of advancement and raises questions about the price of progress. What has been lost in the pursuit of a better life? How have ethical and moral dilemmas been resolved or compromised?



Negotiable Values takes the internal experience and international consciousness of China’s development as its starting point. Since the implementation of the reform and opening-up policy, China has embraced aspects of Western culture but there is a growing awareness of the influence of China and Asia on the West.  China is also presenting an alternative to social capitalism.


Urbanisation and modernisation are taking place in China at a phenomenal pace, leaving little time to question the process of change or its implications. Whilst the current pace of change in China is more extreme than in most countries, the notion of progress and the human endeavour to strive for a better life, which in some instances is bound to economic betterment, can be found across the globe.