Sarah Tse: First Step

Sarah Tse: First Step

9 January – 9 May 2010

Sarah Tse makes pencil drawing full of fanciful textures and paradoxical shapes. She fills these drawings with creatures, childhood experiences and elements of her exotic travels and dreams. Sarah accumulates all this rich visual imagery to create imaginary dreamscapes in which viewers can escape reality to the purity of the monochromatic space.

For her First Step installation Sarah created a large wall drawing that  interacted with the space in the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art. She showed this alongside specifically created works on paper. Sarah’s drawings suggest the fragility and the timeless nature of a medium than spans the whole of Art history. Through her drawings Sarah is able to manipulate the meaning of objects and changing the way the world is interpreted with her creations.

Sarah Tse - Turkish Tea set, pencil on paper, 2009