Wu Chi-Tsung: Breathe Residency

Wu Chi-Tsung: Breathe Residency

4 October – 29 November 2010

Breathe artist residence, Taiwanese Wu Chi-tsung, is fascinated by images, both by how they are made and how we see them. Working mostly in installation, video and photography he experiments with and manipulates these artistic media. He explores in a playful manner with the processes of still and moving image, creating a series of works which seem to echo the past. While alluding to the tradition of classical Chinese painting his work is based on resolutely contemporary technologies both digital and analogue.

During his residency here Wu Chi-tsung carried out projects that developed this line of investigation. Using painting and ink drawing as inspiration he set out to develop new techniques that allowed him to capture brushstrokes as moments in time. Wu Chi-tsung worked directly with local film and photography students and local artists to develop his ideas and techniques whilst he is here. He will also be giving a formal artist talk as part of the ‘Tuesday Talks’ at the Whitworth Art Gallery on 19th October.