Chien-ni Hung: Whisper Residency

Chien-ni Hung: Whisper Residency

31 January – 26 February 2011

Chien-Ni Hung is a Taiwanese artist whose work is inspired by the visual aesthetics of narrative cinema and theatre focussing in particular on surreal encounters. She creates worlds within her films that often seem to move between reality and fiction. Using constructed sets and scenarios. Chien-Ni creates narratives and fictional characters. Often incorporating volunteers and members of the public into her final film works her works play with ideas of representation, memory and film history. She studied at Fine Art at Kingston University, and has exhibited and taken up residency programmes internationally. In 2011 she was artist in residence at CFCCA (then Chinese Arts Centre). During her time in residence, Chien-Ni developed constructed sets within the residency space, exploring initial research and ideas relating specifically to her Taiwanese background. She invited local groups and artists to participate in the work. She also worked at Islington Mill to construct handmade film sets for a project with Manchester’s Neesa Women’s Group.