Angie Atmadjaja: Intrinsic

Angie Atmadjaja: Intrinsic

13 May – 11 June 2011

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Angie studied composition under Daryl Runswick at Trinity College of Music in London. She is currently finishing her PhD, developing her sound composition portfolio which looks specifically into sound installations that use acoustic as their basic components. She is currently working and living between London and Manchester.


Angie’s dependent audio installations explore the fluid yet sensitive relationship between the audio waves that continually surround us and the day-to-day sounds that we can always hear. Angie’s works usually consist of minimal audio-visual installations. By creating a space with minimal visuals and audio she challenges the audience to focus solely on the subtle changes in the sound triggered by their presence in the space. The audience will experience subtle changes in the volume and depth of sound as they move around the space, as their movement in the gallery alters the sound._DSC0024

Intrinsic emphasises the impact of our presence and movement in relation to the space. Intrinsic is a site dependent audio and light installation, which reacts sensitively to sound vibrations. Visitors will be able to alter the brightness of the lights hanging within the space by moving around the gallery.