Jessica Wan: First Step

Jessica Wan: First Step

14 January – 14 May 2011

Jessica is a recent graduate from Wimbledon College of Art. She is interested in consumer culture and how as a society we find escapism through ornamentation. Working with ready-made object, Jessica has responded to the architecture of the First Step space, encouraging the audience to take a closer look. For Jessica, the First Step showcase was a perfect opportunity to re-interpret existing projects, allowing them to evolve into new works, with new meanings.

Both previous works Welcome to My Garden and Steamed Ash Mountains (2010) played around with the idea of inviting the outside in, and reflecting the inside out. Within the First Step space they now have developed into two site-specific sculptures, which sit together charmingly and inquisitively. Welcome to My Garden 2 and sleeping beauty whose long hair spills down into the lake open up a conversation between the objects sourced by the artist and the existing materials in the First Step stairwell.

Sleeping beauty whose long hair spills down into the lake is also a direct reference to the shape of a Chinese mountain, something that was in fact sourced from a book in Chinese Arts Centre’s library when the artist arrived. Again Jessica is responding to her environment, creating work from chance encounters and accidental referencing with found objects.

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