Jeremy Hutchison: First Step

Jeremy Hutchison: First Step

14 January – 12 May 2012

In January 2011, artist Jeremy Hutchison sent an email to factories all over the world. He wanted to know what happens when you lodge an error in the ‘smooth wheels of globalisation’. Err is a project developed as part of Jeremy’s MA Degree show at Slade, London. The works represent a collection of objects, made by individual factory workers with a specific design fault of their own choice. From the 17 objects collected, 8 were made in China.

The First Step Space showcases these individually crafted objects along with a selection of the vast correspondence, FedEx receipts, customs certificates and cardboard packaging, which were passed back and forth between artist and factory. The outcome of each object rested in the hands of the individual factory workers, details of which are displayed alongside their individual item. The playful nature of the work is echoed in Jeremy’s choice of objects and their positioning within the First step space, inviting the audience to take a new point of view of these ‘faulted’ items.

In a time where globalisation is becoming the driving force of economy, the Err project raises issues of miscommunication, function and dysfunction, and mass-production versus the unique.

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