Ting-Tong Chang: Breathe Residency

Ting-Tong Chang: Breathe Residency

In the residency of Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA), Ting-Tong Chang salvaged materials from several skips in Manchester and constructed a machine using a fire-extinguisher, a water tank, a back pack, tubes, pipes, bicycle handles and breaks. Within the water tanks were mosses Chang gathered on pavement, parks, doorway and walls in several locations. These mosses were mixed with butter milk, beer, sugar and corn syrup. The water tank was connected with tubes and pipes to the fire-extinguisher, which was utilized as a source of power. Chang’s intention was to operate the machine and spread green mosses during a performance. Due to the faulty design, a destructive explosion took place in Chang’s first trial. After that, the project has never been shown again.

Moss Machine is a performative exploration of failure and success in artistic practice. Through this project, Ting-Tong Chang learned not only how important flawed work can be to the development of the artists’ practice and to the development of the field as a whole, but also how a work of art can pose a physical threat to its creator.



Moss Machine, 2012, steel, wood, fire extinguisher, bucket, wire, pipe, 30 x 30 x 100 cm

Moss Machine from Ting Tong, Chang on Vimeo.


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