Antonia Low: Breathe Residency

Antonia Low: Breathe Residency

14 January – 20 April 2013

Berlin-based artist Antonia Low was artist-in-residence at the Chinese Arts Centre in Spring 2013. Antonia’s starting point for her residency was to explore the history of this area, influenced by her father’s architectural memory of Manchester and Liverpool in the 1970s. (Her father had moved here from Malaysia in the late 1960s, where he met Antonia’s mother who originally came from Germany, and they both remain living in Europe today).



It became apparent that her parents’ memory of the city mainly dealt with now vanished facts because their last visit to Manchester had been over forty years ago and in that time Manchester’s cityscapes have transformed dramatically. Antonia therefore wanted to move into exploring the process of memory itself and during her residency she has encountered various historical references and locations through connecting with local residents, writers, architects, researchers and artists. This included corresponding with her father; architect Richard Brook – who specialises in Postwar Architecture at MMU; as well as Laura Mansfield and Swen Steinhäuser – two authors from Manchester.


Considering the changing time and space of the city in conjunction with her parents’ recollections – personal memories that are not perhaps accurate – Antonia’s initial research into urban changes that have taken place since the 1970s shifted to include observations of the process of remembering and acts of memory.