Ma Qiusha

Ma Qiusha

18 January – 2 March 2013

Born in the ‘80s, Ma Qiusha is an up-and-coming artist living in Beijing, China. For her first UK solo exhibition with Chinese Arts Centre, the artist will showcase her key works to date, using the repeated motif of the blade or razor as a curatorial focal point.

Ma Qiusha’s work reflects a special sensitivity with ordinary everyday objects and materials. She carefully re-stages them in unfamiliar environments to tell a story or express suppressed emotions. Mainly working with video and painting, at first glance her work is calm and expressionless. Only if you spend a certain amount of time to read through the work, will the underlying story and emotion slowly reveal itself.


Ma Qiusha often uses parts of the body or a simple physical action to represent a greater psychological pain. In her most famous work, From No.4 Pingyuanli to No.4 Tianqiaobeili she places a razor in her mouth whilst telling a monologue of her childhood art experiences. At the end of the video, she removes the razor blade from her mouth to reveal to the viewer. This symbolic action reveals her feeling of the unbearable love from her parents. This love, in the artist’s eyes, is often fraught with pain.