Meiling Tse: First Step

Meiling Tse: First Step

12 January – 11 May 2013

Meiling Tse is a 2012 Sculpture graduate from Manchester Metropolitan University. Her work explores perspective and perception, shifting form and structure between two and three dimensional works. Since graduating she has worked on projects with The Free for Arts Festival as exhibition coordinator and is now showing her first solo work with us here at the centre.

Taking influence from the dramatic perspectives found within the built environment the work for First Step is a continuation of Meiling’s fascination with finding line, shape and form from her surroundings. For her showcase Meiling responded to the First Step space instinctively using the architecture as her starting point to create an optical floating structure; the string acting like a pencil line that crosses between the various dimensions of the walls.

Viewed from different angles and heights the works many layers change and transform creating distortions that alter the viewer’s perceptions as they travel through the space.

It is hoped that through Meiling’s installation the audience is encouraged to look at their surroundings in a new light, treating an every day environment not only as a public space but as a potential opportunity to pause and look to see beyond the normal.

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