Nicola Colclough: Whisper Residency

Nicola Colclough: Whisper Residency

12 August – 31 August 2013

Manchester-based artist Nicky Colclough has worked with Chinese Arts Centre as a contemporary artist educator since 2011. In late 2012, she began an international research trip and all round adventure to explore a true personal passion around her arts practice; the connection between arts and health.

Using this research time to develop both her own practice and knowledge around best practice in arts and health across Asia and Australasia, Nicola will now return to Manchester to share her findings through a reflective residency here at the centre.

To date, she has worked in the Osaka Children’s Hospital, Japan, and the Olivia Newton John Cancer Care and Wellness Centre, Melbourne. She is currently artist-in-residence is at the 501 Art Space in Chongqing, China.

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