Rosanne Robertson: Whisper Residency

Rosanne Robertson: Whisper Residency

29 April – 12 May 2013

Rosanne Robertson is a Manchester based artist working predominantly in live performance. After witnessing Yan Xing’s 2012 solo exhibition, performance and artist talk at Chinese Arts Centre, Rosanne felt compelled to reflect on her own practice.

In response to these experiences, Rosanne will use her coming residency at Chinese Arts Centre, to explore and unpick the notions of risk and gender.

For Rosanne, Yan’s work often addresses failures of masculinity. She wants to put forward the idea that risk is the potential of an action leading to a failure. When we fail, does our gender fail? Her residency will take the form of an unbroken open studio where she will continually act out sound based explorations. Rosanne will construct a number of arrangements consisting of objects, sounds, situations and potential actions, all of which relate to her research into the impact of gender roles.

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