Chou Yu-Cheng: Breathe Residency

Chou Yu-cheng: Breathe Residency

13 May – 21 July 2013

Open Studio 12 – 20 July 2013

Taiwanese artist Chou Yu-Cheng creates projects that examine the underlying operations of daily systems and communications between private, corporate and public spheres. He challenges the relationship between these private enterprises and art institutions with what he calls his ‘design tricks’. By requesting the engaged participation of these partners, he wants the partnership itself to become the artwork.

Yu-Cheng has secured partnerships with everyone from the 64-Color Crayon Company in the USA to local light and paint manufacturers such as TEMCO and even large scale national banks. For his residency, Chou will explore the unlikely connections between Chinese philosophical thought and Western plastic arts. Chou will become the curator, sourcing other local artists to select objects that they consider to be related to Chinese philosophical thought. Therefore, an alternative curatorial cooperation will be in action. We look forward to see his unlikely partnerships and collaborations develop here in Manchester over the next few months.



 Chou Yu-Cheng  curated a local artists’ one day pop up show at CFCCA on 17th May 2013