The Voice Currency and Making Community

The Voice Currency and Making Community

11 April – 1 June 2014

Curated by Ying Tan and Beatrice Leanza

Presented in conjunction with CFCCA “The Voice Currency”, Making Community showcased a selection of ongoing initiatives rendering a generative method of creative engagement with the spatial and social context of the Chinese capital. Interdisciplinary design practices were both the premise and product of an evolving landscape in the contemporary urban realm. Radically collaborative and open-ended, they were inherently shaped as a springboard for us to start conversations around what communities and design will look like in the future, both in China and the UK.

The exhibition was therefore not conceived as a static display of finished products, but as an ‘architecture of relationships’ informed by urban research and social agency engaged in the rethinking of existing avenues of knowledge production, and the creation of methods for its dissemination.

A selection presented for the first time in an international context and originally featured during Beijing Design Week 2013, Making Community offered itself as a dynamic archive and a participatory device to open a conversational space around design and cultural heritage, architectural preservation and urban revitalization, sustainability, up-cycling and environmental consumption, digital and artisanal fabrication, interactive and social design.

The creative outputs range in open-source research platforms for urban innovation, digital and print publications, books, experiential apps, identity and branding, product co-design, documentaries and experimental videos, among others.

The exhibition set up and visual design were the work of SANS, a Beijing-based studio made of Neill Gaddes and Yijing Xu, who’s been involved in the development of the Dashilar Project since its inception, and contributed heavily in making the Dashilar Pilot series possible.

Beatrice Leanza is an associate curator of CFCCA and currently acting as the creative director of Beijing Design Week.

Participants and Projects:

Participants names refer to those of initiators, many of these projects are the result of multiple contributions which are credited in the documentation provided on site of the show.

A.M.I. (Appropriate, Mutate, Innovate), Audio Archaeology & Concrete Flux (Tom Baxter and Solveig Suess), CYJO, Dashilar Pilot series: [Hutong Toilets (Michael Young), Pop-Up Canopy (Peoples Architecture Office), 2 Yangmeizhu (reMIX studio), Fringe Density (Urbanus), Rabbit Grandpa Zhan (metaLINGO), Modul’Hutong (Matali Crasset), Micro-Hutong (standardarchitecture studio), The Museum of Bicycle Parts (CAFA Visual Communication dpt), Scagnel (Luca Nichetto)], Design For the Real China, Hutopolis (Gianantonio Bongiorno, Eugenia Murialdo, Luis Aguirre Manso), Interactive Beijing (Fei Jun and Lulu Li), LAVA Design Studio, Meta-Hutong (Andy Bryant and Wang Shuo), MovingCities (Bert de Muynck and Mónica Carriço), The Other Place, Wai Architecture Think Tank (Nathalie Frankowski and Cruz Garcia), Sander Wassink.

Mobile Design Agency 2_LavaConcrete FLux Magazine  (2)Dashilar Map_Design by Kenya Hara studio