Susie Tsang: First Step

Susie Tsang: First Step

 26 September 2014 – 18 January 2015

What’s Left is Unsaid is the work Susie will showcase at Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art as part of its First Step programme; a re-interpretation of a family album focusing on a mother-daughter relationship exploring differences in British and Chinese culture and how it has shaped their identities, lives and relationship between Susie and her own mother.

Susie Tsang describes What’s Left is Unsaid:
“A ritual opens up a narrative of a complex mother-daughter relationship. Questioning the role of culture and the influence it has on identity is the catalyst that created a bond in a constant flux of confusion and clarity, ease and frustration.

The process of damaging and interfering with the family photographs was a way to explore the intricacy of our relationship. I am leaving behind a ritual and chasing the possibility of hope for a closer relationship to her.”

First Step is CFCCA’s platform for showcasing graduate talent through site-specific installations in the venue’s stairwell. It provides a valuable, small-scale exhibition space at CFCCA, recognized as the UK centre for the development and promotion of Chinese contemporary art and culture.

WLIUS_3Susie Tsang - What's Left is Unsaid (2014) - image courtesy of the artistSusie Tsang - What's Left is Unsaid (2014) - image courtesy of the artist