Harmonious Society at CFCCA

Harmonious Society at CFCCA

26 September – 23 November 2014


Liu Xiaodong
Pak Sheung Chuen

Liu Xiaodong In Between Israel and Palestine, 2013

In this series of works, Liu Xiaodong explores the vastly juxtaposing environments of the two conflicting states, Israel and Palestine. Living in Tel Aviv for four weeks, Liu Xiaodong travelled throughout the Holy Land to witness and research the implications of religion, nationality, and cultural diversity. The exhibition presents Liu’s split paintings alongside diary entries, written work and video to document his experience of a conflicted and divided region.




Pak Sheung Chuen:  Resenting Hong Kong Series: Resenting My Own History, 2014

Hong Kong based artist Pak Sheung Chuen collected one-dollar Hong Kong coins with Queen Elizabeth II’s profile, and gave them to British citizens with an invitation to commit a ‘treasonable’ act and scrape the coin against the land of Britain. The profile of the Queen slowly vanishes leaving a long scar on the ground. The surfaces of the scraped coins have been combined to form a mirror in the exhibition. Visitors were invited to take away with them an undamaged HK coin, scrape its surface at a location of their choice, and return it to CFCCA.

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