Harmonious Society at Museum of Science and Industry

Harmonious Society at Museum of Science and Industry

27 September – 23 November 2014


Chen Chieh-jen
Yao Jui-chung
Chang Huei-ming
Lee Kit
Kao Jun-honn


Chen Chieh-jen: Realm of Reverberations

Internationally renowned artist Chen Chieh-jen presented a four screen video piece set on the site of Taiwan’s first leprosy hospital, Losheng Sanatorium, established in 1927. The government’s decision to demolish the building in 1994 for the expansion of Taipei’s Metro system sparked national protest because many of the residents at Losheng had lived there their entire lives. Realm of Reverberations is the result of years work in which the artist worked closely with the residents and those involved in the protests.


Yao Jui-chung: Long Live; Long Long Live

Yao Jui-chung’s video works see the artist playing the role of a ghostly warlord repeating the slogan ‘Long Live’ in Taiwan’s politically significant ruins, including Chieh-shou Hall, which once housed the official office of the Nationalist Party, and Oasis Villa, Green Island, a former reform and re-education prison for political prisoners. The videos summon memories of Taiwan’s totalitarian history.


Chang Huei-ming: The Last Rose

A single white rose stands, vibrating on a plinth surrounded by 24 lamps programmed to change in intensity, colour and direction. This hostile habitat speeds up the ageing of the rose, and The Last Rose disintegrates and withers by the end of each day.

Chang Huei-ming The Last Rose, 2010 Photo Joel Chester Fildes_

LuxuryLogico: Solar Manchester

Specially constructed for the Harmonious Society exhibition, Solar Manchester combines recycling with new technology. Over 100 reclaimed street lamps from Greater Manchester are refitted with LEDs to create a mesmerising artificial sun. This futuristic light source glows with hope and optimism about a high-tech and sustainable future.


Installation Process

Lee Kit: ‘I don’t own you anything.’

Lee Kit’s installation recreates a domestic setting incorporating everything objects, paintings and video projects, which encourage the viewer to reflect on their own day-to-day life, and hints at the underlying duality present in seemingly harmonious settings.


Kao Jun-honn: Malan Girl

Taking inspiration from the historical site of MOSI – the first ever passenger railway in the UK – Malan Girl was, in part, filmed on the site of the 1830’s Station Building. An old folk song, it tells the story of a distraught Taiwanese aboriginal girl lying on railway lines in an attempt to die for her love.


Harmonious Society – Taiwan Artists’ works introduction

Harmonious Society – Taiwan Artists from kate rowles on Vimeo.

Harmonious Society Exhibition – Artist Documentary from kate rowles on Vimeo.