Harmonious Society at National Football Museum

Harmonious Society at National Football Museum

26 September – 23 November 2014


Liu Jianhua
Chen Wenbo
TOF Group
Yang Zhenzhong
Kan Xuan

Liu Jianhua: Boxing Time, 2002 

Visitors are confronted with a fragile installation of fourteen individual porcelain boxing gloves suspended at different heights. Tension is rife: hung in pairs as if on opposite sides of a boxing ring, each glove has an inscription on the sleeve of a country’s name in its native language.




Chen Wenbo: Tactics, 2014 

Consisting of four double-sided, twometre panels, Tactics mimics the length of a real football pitch, complete with line markings illustrating a game of strategy. Viewers will be able to walk 360 degrees around the installation which is folded like a Chinese screen, and get a sense of the dynamism in Chen Wenbo’s use of colour and form.






TOF Group: The Ideal Field for the Perfect Battle, 2014 

Grass seeds from across the UK have been sown together to create a utopian football pitch. Surrounded by walls, visitors can view this otherwise competitive platform through windows reminiscent of a traditional Chinese garden and imagine the two sided conflicts which might occur on such an ideal battleground.






Yang Zhenzhong: Long Live the Great Union, 2013 

Long Live the Great Union plays on this idea as the architecture of Tiananmen is fractured into 9 separate pieces. As the viewer moves around this installation they catch glimpses of parts of the building and it is only from one viewpoint that all the pieces align and Tiananmen is again ‘reassembled’.





Kan Xuan: Man with Balls, 2005 

In a global corporate culture of businessmen making deals, Kan Xuan presents a three screen video work depicting a golf driving range where a man is practicing his golf swing under the cover of night. This work makes an astute comment on a society where sport is used to entertain clients and forge business relationships.





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