Harmonious Society at John Ryland’s Library

Harmonious Society at John Ryland’s Library

27 September – 23 November 2014


Samson Young
Wang Yuyang
Zhao Yao
Annie Wan Lai Kuen


Samson Young: Muted Situations, 2014

Samson Young directs and stages a muted music performance, requesting that performers play with no less energy or seriousness but try to suppress and silence the ‘sound-producing’ part of the act. By removing the sound, audience expectations are thwarted. Do we imagine harmonies or discordant sound?

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More info:http://www.thismusicisfalse.com/Muted-Situations


Wang Yuyang: Breathing Books, 2014 

Inspired by the extensive Chinese book collection of John Rylands Library, Wang Yuyang has created a series of ‘breathing books’ to be placed in the Historic Reading Room. Wang Yuyang’s books will move in a slow, breathing motion, re-enforcing the notion of the written word as a living, breathing force, ageless and alive.
_MG_4620Wang Yuyang Breathing Books, 2014 photo Joel Chester Fildes

Zhao Yao: Wonderlands, 2014

Zhao Yao has created contoured carpets featuring aerial views of Chinese airports undergoing development and expansion, reflective of the country’s rapid urbanisation. Visitors are invited to walk along the carpets, like the travellers who pass through these airports, and when the exhibition has finished, they will bear the traces of those who have passed by.

Zhao Yao Wonderlands, 2014 Photo Joel Chester Fildes


Annie Wan Lai Kuen: Lost in Biliterate and Trilingual, 2014

Annie Wan has created 18 delicate ceramic books, moulded from various dictionaries that form an essential part of life surrounded by the unique linguistic dynamic that exists in Hong Kong; where Cantonese, English and Mandarin are all regularly used. By recreating these books in ceramics they become fragile, cannot be opened and lose their text and meanings.