Call & Response: Chinese Whispers

Kelly Jayne Jones, Naomi Kashiwagi, Rosanne Robertson: Call & Response: Chinese Whispers

11 February 2015

Kelly Jayne Jones is a Manchester based artist who works with the texture and physical presence of sound in performance, improvisation and composition. For Chinese Whispers Jones presents ‘Admit partiality, join me in feigning’. This sound exploration is an invitation to reflect on the futility of capturing and relaying a sonic experience. Most documentaries use layers of foley sounds to recreate a scene, sounds that may or may not come from the documentary location. This raises questions around the trust we place in what we hear as being truthful representations; they are in fact exquisite creations. Taking sounds that Chris Paul Daniels recorded at various locations across China, Kelly Jayne Jones will create a multi-channel improvisation.

Naomi Kashiwagi is an award-winning artist based in Manchester and has shown work across the UK and internationally. Kashiwagi produces works on paper, installations, performances and sound works that draw upon her cultural heritage, an intrinsic fusion of two cultures, English and Japanese. For Chinese Whispers Kashiwagi will respond to ‘A Tiger’s Skin’ with a performance that incorporates live gramophopnics and new composed soundscapes using some of Chris Paul Daniels’ field recordings.
Chris Paul Daniels (2014) 'A Tiger's Skin'chinese whispers1974058_10155058789015324_3342590234556324628_oRosanne Robertson - 'Exchange Rates Bushwick, New York.  -2014 - image courtesy of the artistKelly Jayne Jones - Call & Response 2014 - image courtesy of the artistNaomi Kashiwagi - Call & Response 2014 - image courtesy of the artist