Li Binyuan: Deathless Love

Li Binyuan, Deathless Love

14 May 2015

Deathless Love was performed to a live audience at CFCCA during Manchester After Hours 2015, a city-wide evening celebration of Manchester’s culture.The endurance performance featured the artist in position on a concrete plinth surrounded by over 100 hammers which he set out to destroy using only the other hammers and his own physical strength. The performance continued until all the hammers were broken, requiring intense stamina. The work, which first premiered in Beijing in 2012 interrogated ideas of artistic production, liveness and the body as sculpture.

CFCCA curator, Ying Tan, says:
It is incredibly exciting for us to have Li Binyuan performing live in the gallery. Live art is a crucial part of the contemporary art movement and is redefining relationships between the artist and the audience. Hosting a performance artist with the reputation and energy of Li Binyuan is a huge bonus for Manchester’s growing standing as a platform for international contemporary art.
Watch a trailer for Deathless Love here:

Deathless Love was also part of Li Binyuan’s solo exhibition, Social Behaviours, which presented a playfully curated look at his work ranging from video to live action and performance, all dealing with the disruption of social and public life. Recurring themes included repetition, reaction, endurance and using the body in its environment as an art form. As an artist Li Binyuan combines humour with expression and provocation; he is at the same time challenging and maverick, anarchic and irreverent.
Li Binyuan - Deathless Love (2015) Photographer_Mia-ForrestLi Binyuan - Deathless Love (2015) Photographer_Mia-Forrest (10)Li Binyuan - Deathless Love (2015) Photographer_Mia-Forrest (10)Li Binyuan - Deathless Love (2015) Photographer_Mia-Forrest