Independent Art Spaces Forum

International Forum: Survival Strategies of Independent Spaces

Speakers at the forum include representatives from Bella Bergljot Jonsdottir (Norway), Delfina Foundation (London, UK), DISTRICT Berlin (Germany), Gasworks (London, UK), Institut d’Art Contemporain (China), PSL (Leeds, UK), Shijiezi Museum (China) and CFCCA (Manchester, UK). The international forum Survival Strategies of Independent Art Spaces is curated by Feng Boyi, Fang Lihua, Wang Dong and Yan Liemin, and was accompanied by the exhibition Spatial Ideology: Documenting Independent Spaces in the Museum of the Shenzhen Fine Art Institute. The forum’s basic definition of independent art spaces is as not-for-profit organisations which provide opportunities for independent, experimental and creative artists or artistic practices. As China undergoes changes in the construction of its art museums this forum explores the survival strategies and modes of existence of independent art spaces around the world. Such spaces play a unique and dynamic role in the overall contemporary art system, and their practices are clearly rooted in reality.
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