Li Binyuan: Social Behaviours

Li Binyuan: Social Behaviours

9 April – 31 May 2015

Li Binyuan is a Beijing-based artist who explores a range of media, incorporating sculpture, video and performance into his practice. His experiments occupy urban spaces, from the very public arena of the street, to remote post-industrial sites. Social Behaviours was a selective showcase of his works which call into question the boundaries between performance, intervention and documentation. The Exhibition will be exhibiting a range of Li Binyuan’s works including Long Jump, SignalExercise 47mins, Resonate, Link.

Whilst Li Binyuan’s artistic production falls outside traditional categories of sculpture, it is possible to identify elements of his formal university education in the discipline. Using his body as a sculptural object to enact creative investigation, he uses ruptures and repetition to manifest how sculpture and performance can intertwine.

Placing himself in an indissoluble relation with time and space, he rearticulates social conduct while interrogating our experiences of the everyday. These interventions disrupt existing societal conventions, interrupting both the spatial and social dynamics of contemporary life.

CFCCA also presented one of his most groundbreaking live performances, Deathless Love, as part of the Social Behaviours exhibition; a performance in which Li Binyuan questioned artistic production while he pushing the limits of human body into furthest boundaries. Deathless Love was performed as part of Manchester After Hours 2015, a city-wide evening celebration of culture.
自由耕种 Freedom farming,行动记录 单频录像, Action and Video, 22′08″, 2014Li Binyuan - 信号Signal,行动纪录 单频录像 Action and Video, 7′49″, 2014Li Binyuan - 习作#47分钟 Exercise#47mins, 行动记录 单频录像, Action and video,47′17″, 2014Li Binyuan - 习作#47分钟 Exercise#47mins, 行动记录 单频录像, Action and video,47′17″, 2014