Sun Xun: What happened in the year of the Dragon

Sun Xun: What happened in the year of the Dragon

18 December 2014 – 22 March 2015

Sun Xun, a radical and prolific video artist, is recognised for his black and white animation films which depict themes encompassing time and world history, while also revealing a critical and political awareness of contemporary China. His artworks are distinguished by their use of twisted and dystopian visuals, eerie and macabre sound effects and dark motifs, such as magicians, animals and haunted monuments.

Showing for the first time ‘What happened in the year of the Dragon’ was finished in 2014 and created exclusively for an exhibition entitled ‘Brave New World’, staged at the Edouard Malingue gallery earlier this year. This partiular work acts as a direct modern response to Aldous Huxley’s 1932 seminal novel of the same title. It is an animated film piece which explores ideas centred on the illusory nature of history in contemporary China.

Other video pieces, such as Requiem, look to further develop Sun Xun’s vision of a dark, disturbed world, while his innovative piece Magician Party and Dead Crow builds upon his complex visual repertoire to create an exhibition of extreme aesthetic and intellectual value._DSC0343What Happen in Past Dragon Year_film still_8