Wu Ding: Breathe Residency

Wu Ding: Breathe Residency

8 April 2015 – 8 June 2015

Open Studio: 10 June 2015

Whilst undertaking his residency, Wu Ding aimed to explore UK culture through the prism of his own personal experience, examining how we perceive Chinese contemporary culture as well as how contemporary British culture is relevant to modern China.

Wu Ding’s work deals with our concept of reality and how it can be differently perceived through visual media. Using primarily video and photography in his work he aims to produce an exploration of philosophical interpretations of nature and time. His work often takes the form of interventions made into the every day, such as a neon light sticking out from the sea, or a film of a flat surface balancing on four spherical objects. In doing so he is drawing our attention to the sublime in the mundane and asking us to look again at what we feel we already know.

During his Open Studio, WuDing presented three new works created during his residency at CFCCA; the first work, 00000.jpg, is a text piece printed on two A4 panels. The work is based around the quote “The sense of the world must lie outside the world” from the Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus by Ludwig Wittgenstein. The second work, titled 00001.jpg takes the shape of a photographic installation created in a darkroom the artist built in CFCCA’s storeroom. Each photo is developed to 18% grey, the absolute standard on photographic development. The installation is made of 20 to 30 photographs of different sizes all attempting to get as close to the standard as the artist can achieve by eye. An attempt to achieve perfection, which always just eludes the artist. In the final piece, a film titled 00002.jpg, a line of light appears to swing back and forth, changing shape as the light hits dust in the air. The line appears to go on indefinitely, expressing the artist’s attempt at the infinite.
Wu Ding - 'The reason why the past can extend to the present is because of the future of certain objects' - 2013Wu Ding '00001' (2015)Wu Ding '00002' 2015