30 Years of CFCCA | Gordon Cheung

These new works will examine the relationship between civilisation and conquest – in particular the social, moral and political climate surrounding China’s emergence as a 21st century global superpower, and the Western anxieties relating to this shifting global landscape. The exhibition presents appropriated Chinese propaganda posters that are glitched using a computer algorithm. The fragments of these posters are used like sand to represent the acceleration transition of time from era to era, mirrored by China’s changing ideologies.
hairman Mao goes to Anyuan - Gordon Cheung 2016Chairman Mao goes to Anyuan, Gordon Cheung 2016Tempering red hearts - Gordon Cheung 2016To-Go-on-a-Thousand-Li-March-to-Temper-a-Red-Heart-1971 - Gordon CheingGordon Cheung, Chinese LandscapeGordon Cheung, Living MountainGordon Cheung, Forbidden City