Chang Huei-ming


Chang Huei-ming born in Taiwan (b.1984) currently lives and works in Taipei. Chang often experiments with relationship between stillness and movement, the visual and the sensuous. He frequently installs high-speed motors on objects that challenge the visual capacity for observation. Take his earlier work Watching Dust in the Sunlight 14:05 (2008): this installation of a scene from daily life shows a dining table located next to a half-opened window. A gust of wind blows a plastic curtain, which knocks over a cup and spills the water inside. It is a ‘still’ installation of an ephemeral moment, yet there are subtle, almost invisible elements of motion wherein the ephemerality resides: the curtain blowing in the wind and the vibrating cup spreading water. Chang Huei-ming brings uncanny factors into everyday scenes to encourage visual observation that challenges habitual perception. His UK premiere of The Last Rose in ‘Harmonious Society’ presents itself through temporal, spatial and sensuous experiences. A single rose stands on a plinth and is surrounded by 16 lamps programmed to change in intensity, colour and direction. The elements for the installation seem simple, but the work produces complex sensory effects. The brightness and speed of the lighting change over time, which manipulates and accelerates the sense of time. The shifting light also alters the sense of space, because dramatic shadows are cast that transform the museum space. The rose seems to stand still, yet it vibrates intensively – 1,600 to 1,800 times a minute – which speeds up the aging of the rose every day. Thus an almost invisible violent is hidden within a subtle movement.


Chang Huei-ming, The Last Rose, 2014

Chang Huei-ming’s recent solo exhibition includes A solo exhibition by Chang Huei-ming at VT Salon, Taipei (2014), Violent and Poetic (2013) a.m. space (Hong Kong). His works has also been internationally displayed at Cité Internationale Des Arts, Paris, France (2014) and Fluxus Forecast, National Goyang Art Studio, Goyang, Korea (2013). He received the First Prize of Digital Audio-Visual at Taipei Digital Art Prize (2010) and Silver Medal Award of New Media Art at the Roc National Art Exhibition (2012).


Chang Huei-ming at Harmonious Society, Asia Triennal Manchester, 2014  

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