Chou Yu-Cheng


Chou Yu-cheng (b. 1976) studied at l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-arts de Paris, and the research program – La Seine. He currently lives and works in Taipei. Chou Yu-Cheng’s art is a criticism of mass media, institutions and the mechanisms that produce them. In his artistic practice he often borrows or employs objects from different institutions such as companies, museums and factories, then displays these items in an art environment, for instance a gallery. Through the process of cooperation and display, Chou makes the mechanism of art production and art organization visible. He applies the operational logic of capitalism in many projects; for instance, TOA Lighting is a site-specific installation for Hong-Gah Museum, Taipei, which consists of lamps sponsored by TOA Lighting Company. In this project, Chou Yu-cheng submits a proposal that makes ‘contemporary plastic arts’ and seeks for sponsorship for materials. For attracting sponsorship from a private enterprise, the artist names his works with the company’s name and turns the entire exhibition into a commercial advertisement for the sponsor. After the exhibition ends, the Museum owns the lighting as their ‘permanent collection.’ In Chou’s other works, such as Rainbow Paint (2011) and Proposal (2011-2012), he also examines the underlying operations of daily systems and communications between private, corporate and public spheres. He challenges the relationship between these private enterprises and art institutions with what he calls his ‘design tricks’. By requesting the engaged participation of these partners, he wants the partnership itself to become the artwork.


Chou Yu-Cheng  curated a local artists’ one day pop up show at CFCCA on 17th May 2013

In July 2013 Chou Yu-cheng was the artist in residency at Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art. For the residency, Chou explored the unlikely connections between philosophical thought and Western plastic arts. In the project Chou became a curator, sourcing other local artists to select objects that they consider to be related to Chinese philosophical thought. Hence, an alternative curatorial cooperation was in action, that look at the new mode of cooperation that based in Manchester context.

 Chou Yu-cheng’s recent solo shows include at Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, Colorado; Galerie ColletPark, Paris; Taipei Fine Art Museum, Taipei (2014) and Kaohsiung Fine Art Museum, Kaohsiung (2014). Group exhibitions include Taipei Biennial 2012, Taipei Fine Art Museum; Queens International 2013, Queens Museum. Chou recieved The Taishin 2011 Annual Visual Art Award and Taipei Art Award 2012, Taiwan.


Chou Yu-chung’s Breathe Artist in Residence

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