Wu Chi-Tsung


Wu Chi-Tsung was born in Taipei, Taiwan ( b.1981) and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in oil painting from the Taipei National University of Arts in 2004. Belonging to a younger generation, his works create a new aesthetic of observation that is based on simple mechanical principles. His early work Rain (2002) is a 13 minute single channel video work that uses high frame rate to film Guandu Bridge and Tamsui River in a rainy day. While the video is played in a normal speed, the rain falls like dropping pearls in slow motion that poetically transforms an everyday landscape into a surreal beauty. Wu has been fascinated by how visual experience of landscape is made and transformed by optical machinery, another work WireⅠ is a projector installation where wire mesh is placed in front of a projector lamp and the lens’ back and forward movement creates an unexpected visual experience where light and shadow of the wire generates a landscape reminiscent of Shanshui ink painting. Shanshui is a crucial genre of Chinese ink painting where painters and literati project their subjective and transcendental view of landscape through art. In Wu’s works the modern Shanshui is presented through everyday objects and modern mechanical devices that build a link between the traditional art form and contemporary technology, which re-generates a new aesthetic.


Wu Chi-tsung, Recalibrate, 2013, CFCCA

In 2003, Wu received the top prize of the Taipei Arts Award; in 2006 was short-listed for the Artes Mundi prize, and in 2013 the WRO Media Art Biannual Award of Critics and Editors of Art Magazines. He has had several solo exhibitions, including at IT Park (Taipei, 2004 and 2009), Chi-Wen Gallery (Taipei, 2009), and TKG+ Gallery(Taipei, 2012,), Re-calibrate (CFCCA ,Manchester, UK 2013, The Storey and The Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster, UK, 2014 and Site Gallery, Sheffield, UK, 2014),also his work has been included in group exhibitions, such as Hyper Design 6th Shanghai Biennale  (Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China, 2006); OUR FUTURE, THE GUY AND MYRIAM ULLENS FOUNDATION COLLECTION (Ullens Center for Contemporary Art (UCCA), Beijing, 2008); TAIWAN CALLING – THE PHANTOM OF LIBERTY / ELUSIVE ISLAND (Műcsarnok – Kunsthalle, Budapest, 2010), and WRO Media Art Biannual (Worclaw, Poland, 2013); Paisajes 2013-1969  (Panorama. Landscapes 2013-1969)  (Museo del Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City, Mexico, 2013), WSD2013: World Stage Design  (Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama, Cardiff, UK 2013).

More recently Wu Chi-Tsung was shortlisted for the Prudential Eye Awards, for the best emerging Asian contemporary artist and has been listed by Artsy as one of the top 10 Artists under 35 in 2014.


Wu Chi-Tsung’s Recalibrate at CFCCA

Wu Chi-Tsung’s Residency at CFCCA

Wu-Chi-Tsung CV