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NOW: A dialogue on female Chinese contemporary artists

Dates: Friday 16 February to Sunday 29 April 2018

Times: Tuesday to Sunday, 10am to 5pm (closed Mondays)

NOW is a collaborative project led by Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) which consists of exhibitions, film screenings, talks and symposia taking place at art venues across the UK: presenting a diverse range of artworks and new commissions from some of the most exciting female artists working in China now.

This multi-venue programme seeks to reinvigorate discussion around the role of female Chinese contemporary artists in the wake of trends and feminist movements of the past - considering what it means to be a female artist working in China today, and whether gender still matters in contemporary arts practice.

As part of the programme, CFCCA showcases seven artists working across a diverse range of media, all affected and influenced in different ways by rapid transformations in the socio-political environment in China and the new opportunities available to female artists.

For this exhibition celebrated artist Na Buqi (b.1984) has created a site-specific installation Floating Narratives (pictured), an assemblage of hanging lighting, artificial plants, printed images and portable fans, juxtaposing fictional narratives with physical presence. This stands next to a collection of works from Yang Guangnan (b.1980) which use movement, imagery and symbolism to comment on the absurdity of the daily interactions which occur between the human body and machines. This includes Action No. 1, a pressed white shirt wired mechanically to jolt up and down continuously, and Nothing, a television screen showing a never ending series of closing doors.

Elsewhere in CFCCA’s Gallery 1 space are the art works of three other artists. Hu Xiaoyuan (b. 1977) presents You come to early, you come too late, a striking video installation featuring a rooster and a 8-piece propeller drone. Wave Transmitter Company-World Line is an multi-media installation of images, videos and paintings from two of Luo Wei’s (b.1989) art projects – ‘Crystal Planet’ and ‘Bio-R institute’ which explore the use of multi-disciplinary platforms to construct an alternative reality where everything is connected. Geng Xue (b.1983) presents a series of photographs and video works, called RR that demand reflection on the concept of the body in space and the position of the individual in society.

In Gallery 2 artist and paint illusionist Li Shurui (b.1981) presents a new body of work entitled A Crack in the Wind, and making use of CFCCA’s unique residency space, there is a presentation of the experimental animation Chasing by artist Wu Chao (b. 1977 in which she creates a twisted, fantastical and mysterious narrative set in a dystopian world.

NOW: A dialogue on female Chinese contemporary artists, will be taking place elsewhere in the UK with exhibitions at Turner Contemporary (Margate), Nottingham Contemporary and Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art in addition to this HOME have programmed screenings to run over two dates in March, this coincided with a symposium on gender in Chinese contemporary art at the TATE Research Centre on 22 February.

Now is co-organised by Plus Tate, the China Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art in collaboration with HOME, Manchesterl Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art; Nottingham Contemporary and Turner Contemporary, Margate. The programme is sponsored by the China National Arts Fund and supported by British Council, China.

For more information about NOW click here.