Film Night: A Body of Tools

Thursday 1 February, 6pm - 7.30pm

A free event run with the University of Salford, Body of Tools presents performance art from CFCCA's archive, which explores the concept of the physical body as a tool, an art object, or an extension of an apparatus. Organic physiques are transformed into automated machinery and "inorganic" bodies are regenerated through interacting with organic substances.

Deathless Love (2015) by Li Binyuan

The Photocopier (2011) and The Photobooth (2011) by Household & Dario Utreras

Moss Machine (2012) by Ting-Tong Chang

Plant the Seed (2006) by Yuen Kin Leung

Total running time: 46 minutes followed by discussion.

Run in association with University of Salford, this event is part of a wider programme of activity related to CFCCA’s library and archive. These free events are designed to showcase our extensive art archive and collections as we invite audiences to delve into our unique 32 year history. Run in association with University of Salford.

This event will take place at the University of Salford, location to be confirmed.

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Deathless Love, Li Binyuan