30 Years of CFCCA | RareKind China

Gallery 2 : 5 February – 3 April

RareKind Illustration Agency has teamed up with The Temporary to showcase the diverse visual identities of graffiti and street artists from China and the UK, who have been invited to create original work that responds to our 30-year history and the international context of street art.

Graffiti and street art is a global phenomenon still viewed as an underground ‘subculture’. This project goes beyond conventional understandings of graffiti and street art to collaborate with writers, academics, illustrators and graphic designers and will extend beyond the gallery walls into Manchester’s city centre to engage local communities through workshops, public interventions and a tour. This includes collaboration with Outhouse Mcr’s public graffiti spaces in the Northern Quarter from January to March.

Rarekind - Rainbo (Afterworkshop (AWS)  China Graffiti Girls (CGG))

Created by former CFCCA Research Curator, Rachel Marsden, The Temporary is a transcultural exchange platform examining ‘temporary’ experience in art, architecture, design, sound, performance and culture between the UK and China. In 2014 we hosted The Temporary: 01, the inaugural exhibition of this project.

The RareKind Illustration Agency represent a diverse spectrum of artists from a variety of disciplines to produce a range of international artist-led products and projects.

For more information look out for the RareKind China map in the gallery and online.

UK Artists
45rpm, Mr Penfold, Krek, James Roper, Lucy McLauchlan, Mers, Threen

China Artists
Rainbo (China Graffiti Girls (CGG)), Uncle (Afterworkshop (AWS)), Wong Ping, Filippo Cardella, Mask, Zato, Keflione, NAN (Zinan Lam) (IDT Crew), AKIM, K Real, Lei Lei (aka Ray),  球0528

The RareKind China programme is supported by Arts Council England, Outhouse, Part of Gallery and Transnational Dialogues.