Workshop: The Art and Craft of Foley

The Art and Craft of Foley
Saturday 21 October, 2 – 4pm
£4, Families 7+, booking required

Inspired by Samson Young’s radio drama CFCCA will host an interactive workshop on the art of Foley with a live demonstration and workshop from the University of Salford Music Department and Low Four Studio. Foley is the hidden technique of designing and recording performed sound effects, often in sync to film, TV or radio. Uncover some of the Foley techniques used by Samson Young in his 2017 Manchester International Festival radio series and sound installation. Workshop attendees will also have a go at creating and recording their own Foley sounds.

This workshop explores the science and technology of broadcasting and the transmission of sound in response to Samson Young’s radio series. In collaboration with Manchester Science Festival.

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