Opportunities to join the CFCCA team will be advertised on this page in the first instance.


Recruitment of Board Members

CFCCA is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee.  The trustees of the charity are also board members of the company.  For simplicity these ‘dual’ positions are referred to as ‘board members’.

We are seeking new board members keen to become active and energetic champions for CFCCA who also have expertise, connections and contacts with whom they are willing to actively promote our organisation.

We are currently looking for new members with experience and expertise in the following:

  • Experienced artists with a track record of gallery exhibitions
  • Education and engagement in the arts
  • Running an arts organisation of similar scale to CFCCA, preferably in the visual arts


We strive to achieve a ‘balanced’ board with half our members being of Chinese descent who bring experience and understanding of Chinese culture and society and we are keen to attract members from such a background to maintain that balance.

Also, in order to achieve the right blend of experience and knowledge of the organisation with the need to bring in ‘new blood’ and fresh ideas, members serve for a maximum of two consecutive three year terms i.e. six years in total.

If you interested in serving as a member of our board please email our Operations Manager Hannah Hartley at hannah@cfcca.org.uk

Volunteer Opportunities


Spending time working with us offers the chance to develop valuable skills and gain an insight into the workings of an internationally leading arts organisation. CFCCA offers unpaid opportunities through our successful volunteer programme, which we view as a positive contribution to the running and development of the organisation. We also endeavour to accommodate student placements and work experience requests. However, we do not support unpaid internships. Any intern role will be advertised on our Job Opportunities page in the same way as other paid opportunities within the organisation.

Our fantastic team of hard-working and talented volunteers often contribute a minimum of one day a week working with us. Primarily their role is customer facing, greeting visitors to the building and providing information about our programme and events. We endeavour to ensure each of our volunteers undertake work in the area relevant to their interests during their time with us, but offer the opportunity to gain experience in all aspects of the organisation.
Areas of work can include:

  • Research
  • Project management
  • Audience development
  • Customer Service
  • General Administration
  • Marketing
  • New Media


We accept applications for our volunteer team on a rolling basis but places are not always available immediately. Volunteers should ideally be willing to commit to one day per week (usually fixed, but with some flexibility) for at least 2 months, as we feel this enables the experience to be most beneficial.

To help us determine whether you would be a suitable candidate to join the team, please send a copy of your current CV and a description of your interests to hannah@cfcca.org.uk

Consider the following questions:
Why are you interested in completing a volunteer placement at Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art?
Can you identify which areas you would like to be involved in?
How do you intend to develop your skills and experience with us?