Film Night: Chen Chieh-jen

Thursday 18 January, 6pm - 7.30pm

Running Time 52 minutes

Free, Booking Required
Part of Archive and Library Events

CFFCA Film Night returns with Empire Boarders I (2008) and an episode from Realm of Reverberations: Tree Planters (2014) by award-winning Taiwanese artist Chen Chieh-jen. The films explore the roles of bureaucratic control and urban redevelopment on the oppressed and disadvantaged underclasses in Taiwan. The film screening will be followed by a discussion on some of the themes.

This film screening is part of a wider programme of activity related to CFCCA’s library and archive. These free events are designed to showcase our extensive art archive and collections as we invite audiences to delve into our unique 32 year history.

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Chen Chieh-jen, still from Empires Borders I 2008 - image courtesy of the artist


Digital Matters: The Earth Behind the Screen

Galleries 1 & 2

Lin Ke
MAP Office
Ellen Pau
Dani Ploeger
Unknown Fields
Yang Yongliang

3 November –
4 February 2018

Launch event
Thursday 2 November
6pm – 8pm

Digital Matters Symposium
Friday 3 November
10:30am – 5pm

Whilst the world is increasingly dependent on digital technologies, the physical impact of the electronics we use daily is often ignored. The complex internal structures of a mobile phone or a PC require not only the extraction of natural resources but also thousands of unique parts to be manufactured and disposed of in a cycle of production that enables us to engage in the digital realm. However, as the scale and potentially harmful impact of these processes becomes greater we must ask ourselves what is the social and environmental cost of our consumer desires?

Digital Matters: the earth behind the screen is a group exhibition exploring the relationship between the natural and the technological through artworks produced in Hong Kong and China. The participating artists attempt to interrogate the material foundations of our contemporary digital universe and its related socio-political and environmental concerns.

Artist duo MapOffice explore the numerous territorial disputes in the South and East China seas, in which the exhaustion of natural resources is a key issue. Design research studio Unknown Fields use animation and film to document the global production chain of electronic devices revealing the terrifying natural and social consequences of mineral extraction. New media artist Lin Ke playfully visualises nature in the era of climate change using only familiar software packages and his Mac’s user interface. Similarly, Yang Yongliang’s detailed digital motifs evolve from the traditional Chinese landscape tradition to question uncontrolled urbanisation and industrialisation in China, and how traditional customs and heritage are being forgotten and destroyed in the process. Ellen Pau and Dani Ploeger invite audiences to consider the threats of global production and consumption of electronics and start conversations about our role as consumers.

Curated by Marianna Tsionki (Research Curator, CFCCA & University of Salford) under the aegis of Manchester Metropolitan University as part of a curatorial industry based PhD.

Find out more about the Digital Matters Symposium held in conjunction with the exhibition on Friday 3 November, here.

Lin Ke, Robinson Crusoe (2011). Installation view. Image courtesy of the artist.


Residency: Tzu-Ting Wang

Tzu-Ting Wang
Taipei Artist Village; Artist in
Residence exchange
8 October – 19 December

During her time at the Centre of Chinese Contemporary Art, Tzu-Ting Wang (b. 1987 Taiwan) has worked mostly with pencil on cotton fabric and installation, and together with objects and installations, her drawings are displayed with an indicated sequence and narrative as chapters out of one book. Her works take on metaphors from objects and landscapes to elaborate on subjects such as intimacy, insecurity and living state.
Her open studio show (30 November to 3 December 2017) was entitled The Keeper of Thin Air and uses cave dwelling as a metaphor for the studio work of artists. The art work displayed merges past and present, in both materials used and in artistic approach which parallels different times and contexts to navigate through ideas on alternative living, human instinct and inward searching.
Tzu-Ting Wang received a BA from Taipei National University of the Arts and a MA from Chelsea College of Arts, London. Her recent exhibitions include solo shows “Descending ground” in Berlin and “A Pencil Does Not Read A Single Word” at  Project fulfil art space in Taiwan. Tzu-Ting is based in Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan.


Exhibition Tour – Digital Matters: The Earth Behind the Screen

Exhibition Tour

Digital Matters: The Earth Behind the Screen

Saturday 27 January, 11.30am to 12.30pm

Join a member of CFCCA’s Programme Team for a free tour followed by an open discussion of the artists’ work and exhibition themes. Informal and accessible these tours are ideal for anyone who would like to find out about contemporary art and Chinese culture, whether this is your first visit to the gallery or one of many. Come along for the opportunity to discover more about the artists and exhibitions, and have your questions answered by our team. No previous knowledge required!

Digital Matters: The Earth Behind the Screen is a group exhibition exploring the contradictions of resource exploitation, ecological protection and technological development through artworks produced in Hong Kong, China and the UK. The participating artists attempt to interrogate the material foundations of our contemporary digital universe and its related socio-political and environmental concerns.

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A Window On… toxicity in the environment

A Window On… toxicity in the environment

Thursday 25 January, 6pm  - 7pm, £4

Part of Thursday Late

Join CFCCA’s Research Curator Marianna Tsionki in conversation with Dr Anna Lora-Wainwright, Associate Professor in the Human Geography of China at the University of Oxford. This event will explore the real world impact of electronic waste on culture and the environment and offer an audience Q & A on the subject.

Marianna Tsionki is the curator of Digital Matters: The Earth Behind the Screen. Anna Lora-Wainwright is director of the project Circuits of Waste and Value: Making E-waste Subjects in China and Japan, funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

This event is part of our ‘Window on…’ series designed to offer further insight and encourage conversation around our exhibitions. Our current exhibition that this is related to is Digital Matters: The Earth Behind the Screen, which runs until 4 February 2018. We offer these events in addition to our Thursday Lates, which fall on the last Thursday of every month when we open our doors to the public until 8pm for a chance to view our exhibitions outside of our usual opening times (10am to 5pm).

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